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What is the Common App?


What is the Common App?

Common App – US Universities Comprehensive Guide for Students

The college application process can be a formidable task for a student, with multiple universities each requiring considerable information. To simplify this process, the Common Application, or Common App, serves as an integrated platform for inputting elementary information in the application. This guide aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the Common App and how it streamlines the college application journey.

Common App- What is it?

The Common App is an online portal that enables students to apply to numerous colleges and universities through a single application. Over 900 institutions, both in the United States and internationally, accept the Common App, making it a widely identified and appropriate tool for ambitious college students.

The student starts by creating an account, monitor their progress, be aware about the college deadlines, and solicit financial aid. It might be tricky for students to begin but with help of study abroad counsellors like OIP Education the process becomes seamless and user-friendly platform. It is very straightforward and has no application fees or registration charges. However, it’s crucial to note that certain university programs may necessitate supplementary fees.

Once your profile is created, you have the options to shortlist and select universities or colleges you wish to consider applying based on your credentials. Subsequently, when universities are selected, the Common App facilitates the tracking and review of distinct application prerequisites, deadlines, and individual progression.

When is Common application due?

The Common Application deadlines vary among colleges and universities. It’s essential to check the specific deadlines for each institution to which you plan to apply. Typically, application deadlines fall between November 1 and January 1 for regular decision, but some schools may have earlier or later deadlines. Early decision and early action deadlines often occur in November, while regular decision deadlines are typically in December or January. It’s crucial to consult the individual application requirements and deadlines of the colleges you are interested in to ensure timely submission.

What Schools accept the Common App?

The Common Application (Common App) is accepted by countless colleges and universities in the United States and around the world. The Common App includes more than 900 schools, including several universities outside the US. It is advisable to consult a study abroad consultant or visit Common App website(commonapp.org) and use their “College search tool” for comprehensive list of colleges and universities. This is a very great informative tool providing selection of colleges based on your search criteria. We also recommend our students to directly search university websites for any latest updates and in-depth information. It is imperative for students to know that some elite institutes, such as the University of California schools (UC schools), Georgetown University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), have their own application systems.

It’s important for students to research fully in the websites of all the colleges they wish to apply to understand if their application provides complete information to the admission officer.

The Common Application (Common App) is a standardized college application used by many institutions. It typically consists of several key components. The important ones are:

Personal Essay

The most crucial element of your application is your personal statement or a narrative you want colleges to know about you. It would provide an inclusive reflection of your identity for all the universities on your application list. Within a maximum of 650 words, your task is to delve into your accomplishments and share personal narratives that go beyond mere measurable accomplishments.

Here at OIP, we acknowledge the distinctiveness of each student. While it is easier for some to write about themselves and for others, they might view essay writing as a challenging endeavour. With our support, our students receive in-depth, rational and non-judgemental analysis about their strength and weaknesses. Remember, it’s your time to shine in those 650 words in whatever you have achieved until your school years. No matter how small or big your achievement might look to you, but from experts who handle number of applications globally will guide a unique perspective. With us that confidence in the crafting your essays would be so important for your entire application journey.

Extracurricular List and Awards

This typically refers to a section in your application where student need to list their activities, achievements, awards, or any major contributions to the society. Remember this is not your academic achievement but your extracurricular activities, any leadership skills you have undertaken in or outside school. Some students choose to join clubs, some NGO’s others some advance level programs. But it is important to follow your passion and develop character with whatever you choose to do.

Letter of Recommendation

It is a very vital component of your application who can write about your academic journey, your personality, and achievements. The counsellor will also be able to provide you predicted grades which form a very important part of the choices you make in selecting and applying to universities. While applying for UG Program two Lor’s are required from your subject teacher or school counsellor.


Now after this brief introductory guide we believe our students would have developed some understanding about Common app and important sections. We also understand this would lead to further questions and curiosity for working on a comprehensive application process. This is where our Signature Comprehensive Service is most useful support to our students and parents.

Comprehensive and Customized 1:1 approach with 24/7 student support, dedicated mentors, professional workshops, Standardized test coaching and industry mentoring. It’s a well-rounded method to present your unique strengths, talents, and experiences. OIP puts you in the best environment to reach your goals.

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