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Masters and MBA – Study Abroad Consultants


Masters and MBA – Study Abroad Consultants

Want to Get into Top Business School?

With immense pool of talented applicants, its obvious question to ask yourself How? This is where we as Study abroad consultants will guide you step by step through our START to Finish Model. This is a Comprehensive Service available to our students where they are supported in all aspects of their application. You name it and we have it! We are experts in all aspects of application from Start to Finish.

Not sure which college to apply to?

We are experts in Profile Evaluation and assessing your strengths and weaknesses. Our counsellors will help you craft a Resume based on the relevant admission criteria and shortlist list of colleges. These target schools will be carefully selected as reach, competitive and dream to enhance your selection chances. They will be based on your academic strength, work experience, standardized scores (GMAT, GRE) and extracurricular activities. It is important to understand your application and build interest accordingly.

How do we build your Brand?

Remember your uniqueness is your strength, and that’s what we find during our brainstorming session. Who are you and what are your passions? Do they align with your past and future goals. Your personal and professional goals become so aligned with your CV to give clarity of purpose, while we craft your application. Remember B schools are looking at you as a future leader, entrepreneur, CEO or an ambitious driven individual who will take up some challenge and use their education towards this. So, let’s put it – Are you the one who is going to benefit from their college degree?

Which is the best country to pursue your MBA?

The USA is the best country with Stanford, Harvard, and Stern business schools topping the list. While the UK also has incredible MBA colleges such as LBS, Oxford Said, Cambridge Judge and Imperial Business school. Other European countries such as France has Instead Business school followed by SDA Bacconi in Italy. There are several other MBA colleges around the world which are Global Top 50. The selection criteria should depend highly on the program structure, content, and your future goals. An MBA is a managerial degree which adds value to your work experience and prepares you for a leadership role. Therefore, as the dynamics change and the world adds more young millennials into the job market, it is imperative that you make an informed choice.

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