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UK Boarding School​

UK is known globally for its top-notch academic schools imparting the best education in primary as well as secondary sector. Besides having a maintained sector of education, UK also offers private or independent system of schooling. These independent sectors follow a vast curriculum comprising of GCSE, A level and IB curriculum. Some of the best boarding schools in England are ETON boys, Winchester College boys, Wycombe Abbey Girls , St Paul’s Girls, St Swithun’s Girls and Cheltham Ladies Girls. We do not have to go far to spot students from India studying in these schools. These schools are not only academic powerhouse but go beyond the curriculum and cover Arts, Music and Drama of a high caliber. These schools are golden ticket and are not for everyone. There curriculum is vigorous and requires discipline to be followed. Off course, there is a lot of fun and vast learning.

We provide coaching and Admission support to all the top day and boarding schools in UK. The curriculum at KS2 – build up to year 7 is based on ISEB syllabus. The student must appear on an online aptitude test for verbal and nonverbal reasoning. This is followed by an CET – Common Entrance test in 3 subjects mainly Math’s, English, and Science. This test is based in year 6 (Indian 5th class) and entry age is 11+. Further the student can apply at 13+ (Indian 8th class) and finally at sixth form i.e., 16+( Indian 11th Class). Beside the common entrance test some schools might have their own recommended test. The students also aspiring to go to USA for UG program can study A levels in UK for additional gains to study in UK.

Entry Points At:

  • 11+ Year 7
  • 13+ Year 9
  • 16 + GSCE/IGSCE
  • AS/A level at Sixth form
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