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Undergraduate Admissions Counselling


With immense pool of talented applicants, its obvious question to ask yourself How? This is where we as Study abroad consultants will guide you step by step through our Comprehensive Service. This is a Comprehensive & Customized service with a 1:1 approach available to our students where they are supported in all aspects of their application. You name it and we have it.

How do we deliver?

Embrace an individualized, student-focused method to education. From developing a strategy for university selection, preparing for tests, and providing assistance with personal statements/essays, to offering guidance in extracurricular activities and practicing for interviews—this is our Comprehensive Approach!

Not sure which college to apply to?

We are experts in Profile Evaluation and assessing your strengths and weaknesses. Our counsellors will help you craft a Resume based on the relevant admission criteria and shortlist list of colleges. These target schools will be carefully selected as reach, competitive and dream to enhance your selection chances. They will be based on your academic strength, extracurricular and standardized scores (SAT, IELTS)

What kind of application admission officers are looking for?

It all depends on where you apply and what is the acceptance rate of that university. The colleges are looking for independent, motivated students who have not just suddenly popped out, but have been working in their academics, extracurricular since their early school years. The top colleges look for natural ability, unique strength, and future ambitions via their applications.

How to get into Top IVY league, Oxbridge, Imperial, LSE and Global Top 30?

The journey starts at school. We are an educationist and our Exclusive service – Experience our A+ Difference bridges the gap between ambitious high schoolers and top universities. Students from around the world, especially Europe and UK come to us when they are in 9th grade. We work on their Profile Enhancement rather than evaluation at that stage. This is highly exclusive personal mentorship spread around 3-4 years of student’s school life.

Application time and those deadlines?

It all depends on the country where you are applying for admission. If it’s UG in US, the Common App portal is live on 1st August with 1st November as early action applicant deadline and 1st week of January as regular applicant deadline. While UK application portal UCAS is live from July, Oxbridge deadlines are on 14th October, and rest of UK universities deadlines are 24th January. In case of other European countries and Canada their various deadlines and for latest update we would be able to guide you.


With an international presence, we bring a world of experience to your doorstep. Navigating challenges, seizing opportunities—we’re your strategic partner in every corner of the globe. Discover the power of global insights, tailored solutions, and unparalleled expertise. Your success, our global commitment.

Our Goal

To help you build a standout application that resonates with admission committees and differentiates you from the sea of applicants.

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UG Application Cycle

Comprehensive and Customized 1:1

Teen Flagship Program

As our students navigate their educational journey, they face a myriad of challenges and obstacles. The High. The Lows. We understand the emotional aspect of their journey and understand the importance of offering them positive support and guidance.

To overcome these obstacles our team of experts have developed a core program to support the wellbeing of our students through outstanding sessions including disciplines of Life Coaching sessions, REBT and NLP.

The program is Goal orientated and solution based.

Teen Flagship Program Success Tracker is built upon three fundamental principles:

Commitment | Discipline | Routine

These principles in turn enable students to develop:

Self-regulation | Goal-setting | Decision-making skills

Experience the A+ Difference

Standardized Test Preparation​

Expert Exam Practise and Techniques
Unlock Exam Success! Comprehensive Practice & Techniques.

Discover the Masterminds behind your UG Applications.

Global Alumni

Engage with alumni consultants for tailored application support. Customized and Comprehensive 1:1 approach with 24/7 student support, dedicated mentors, student workshops and industry mentoring.

Content Writing

Our team of writers ensures that your UCAS statement, Common App essay, and university-specific essays weave a unique narrative, while also perfecting your Letters of Recommendation (LORs).

Life coach and Teenage counsellors

Our in-house team provides essential support for students facing challenges, ensuring they stay focused on their academic and personal goals. This holistic assistance contributes to a positive and goal-oriented atmosphere throughout their educational journey.


Our Locations

Oxford, London, Budapest, and Gurgaon provide us with diverse perspectives and a global reach. We establish high benchmarks, ensuring that all our students receive comparable exposure on a worldwide scale.

Truly Global

Continuous Student support until graduation with In-country (Local) presence in most parts of Europe, UK and US in case of any emergency related to health and wellbeing.

PDP Workshop

We provide Holistic support for Academic and Personal Mentorship and keep parents informed of any challenges that students might face. Our Most in demand program by Parents which keeps them informed about the progress and wellbeing of the child- inclusive and holistic. A questionnaire which we follow during a student application journey with us.

Career Counselling

Internship support, and Post University placement advise & application support through our global network.

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