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Experience Masters MBA

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Personal Development & Mental Wellbeing

Signature Comprehensive Service

Our Signature Comprehensive Services are designed to meet the unique needs of high school students, undergraduates, and young professionals on their path to college admissions, MBA and related programs, ensuring they reach their goals with personalized support and expert guidance. We offer tailored guidance at every stage of your educational pursuit.

Comprehensive is our Flagship offering which embraces an individualized, student-focused method to education. From developing a strategy for university selection, preparing for tests, and providing assistance with personal statements/essays, to offering guidance in extracurricular activities and practicing for interviews—this is our Comprehensive approach!

Our Goal

To help you build a standout application that resonates with admission committees and differentiates you from the sea of applicants.

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Country Presence


With an international presence, we bring a world of experience to your doorstep. Navigating challenges, seizing opportunities—we’re your strategic partner in every corner of the globe. Discover the power of global insights, tailored solutions, and unparalleled expertise. Your success, our global commitment.


Seek Guidance from Our Exceptional Mentors​

Our students come to us through referrals and word of mouth. Our track record and achievements are a testament to our excellence


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Supercharge Your MBA Dreams WIth Start to Finish Solutions!


Comprehensive and Customized 1:1 approach with 24/7 student support, Dedicated mentors, Professional workshops, Standardized test coaching and Industry mentoring. It’s a well-rounded method to present your unique strengths, talents, and experiences. OIP puts you in the best environment to reach your goals.

Tailored Excellence

Your path is unique, and so is our approach. We sculpt your application to your individual strengths and aspirations.

Inner Circle Insights

We’ve walked the corridors of top MBA admissions. Get the secrets only insiders know to shine brightly.

Essay Alchemy

Turn your thoughts into compelling narratives with our magical touch on essays that leave a lasting impression

Interview Wizardry

Unleash your inner interview wizard with our preparation that guarantees a confident performance.

Visa Magic

We’re there until you’re settled in your dream program, guiding you through the visa maze with ease



Our secret lies in crafting your Unique Brand. We bring innovation to the table through those special extras we’ve gleaned from being immersed in this environment day in and day out. Our presence in Oxford, just behind the Saïd Business School, and our multiple locations in Central Europe have taught us invaluable lessons about continuous learning.

Moreover, our experience with Oxbridge and Ivy League undergraduate programs has provided us with a deep understanding of the pathways to MBA success. We’ve successfully navigated countless applications, giving us insights into the journey from undergraduate studies to Master’s and the essential elements for developing a strong CV. Our unique perspective sets us apart and equips us to guide you effectively on this transformative journey.

The maximum likelihood of admission to top-tier Master's or business schools depends on four important aspects

While the specific criteria may vary, the four crucial elements often considered for admission to master’s and MBA programs include academic achievements, professional experience, standardized test scores (like the GRE or GMAT), and letters of recommendation.

These elements collectively provide a comprehensive view of an applicant’s capabilities, readiness for advanced studies, and potential contributions to the academic community. Keep in mind that each program may prioritize these elements differently, so it’s essential to review the admission criteria of the specific institutions you are interested in.

Standardized Test Preparation​

Expert Exam Practise and Techniques
Unlock Exam Success! Comprehensive Practice & Techniques.

  • Cambridge Certified Faculty
  • Live and Interactive sessions
  • Hours of actual lessons
  • Intense Doubt clearing
  • Unique Researched Material
  • Choose either a one-on-one session or group batches.
  • Our trainers have taught 10000+ students across the globe.
  • 20 years in teaching
  • Direct tie ups with universities to train students.
  • Cambridge Certified Faculty
  • Live and Interactive sessions
  • Hours of actual lessons
  • Intense Doubt clearing
  • Unique Researched Material
  • Choose either a one-on-one session or group batches.
  • Our trainers have taught 10000+ students across the globe.
  • 20 years in teaching
  • Direct tie ups with universities to train students.

Our USP​

In an industry that often follows a standard script, how do we stand out?

Allow us to answer that:

Passion-Driven: We don’t just do this; we live and breathe it. Our passion for what we do is the driving force behind our commitment to your success. We are simple in our process. We stand out by rejecting these norms: High Client to Coach Ratios, Part Time admission consultants, Higher Prices.

Personal Development & Mental Wellbeing

Our students face a myriad of challenges and obstacles, both at home and in their external educational pursuits. We understand the emotional aspect of their journey and understand the importance of offering them positive support and guidance.

We have developed a core Flagship Program to support the wellbeing of our students through outstanding sessions including disciplines of Life Coaching sessions, REBT and NLP.

Our Flagship Program is built upon three fundamental principles:

Commitment, Discipline, and Routine.

These principles, in turn, enable students to develop:

Self-regulation, Goal-Setting, and Decision-Making Skills.

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