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Create The Best Profile

We help student improve school grades and standardized test score to comply with academic requirement. We refine and boost extracurricular activities based on students’ interest and passion.Create a personal statement which tells your story.

University Selection

There are multiple routes to University. Which university to go or which country to choose can cost you a lot of penny. If you are not sure what course to do and how to narrow your search, we are here. Our consultants will provide you with the best option from the partner universities in terms of course and destination.

Build The Best Application Strategy

This is the first step to prepare your application and submit to university. This must be flawless and precise as per your strengths and interest. We have designed a questionnaire which will help us provide in depth information about students to maximize their admission success.

Fund Planning & Loans

We understand the cost of studying sometimes can be very expensive and take a toll on parents and students. We have tie-ups with various government banks and private bank for providing Education loan. The purpose is making sure student is not left out due to financial problems and is able to achieve his academic dream.

Interview Training

Once your written application is successful of showing your potential and created an interview opportunity, preparation is very important. We help students prepare and master techniques to be confident, manage anxieties and be real. We will prepare you with mock interviews which are tailored made as per specific course and university requirement.

Visa Counselling

This is the final and most crucial step after once you have received your admission letter. Our visa consultants would make sure your application is complete with all the necessary documents. You would be made aware of all the latest visa rules and compliances.

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