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Digital SAT/ACT is administered by College Board and is required for admission to undergraduate courses in the USA. The standardized test is of the highest calibre and it assesses your English and Quantitative skills. The students should be prepared with global standards of quality and an in-depth understanding of inferred and literal meanings in the case of English. Verbal and reasoning skills are of prime importance to scoring high marks. In mathematics, we prepare students with problem-solving techniques and using algebraic structures. We also provide Subject SAT tuitions which challenge students in their chosen subjects to be studied in University.

At OIP, we have the best tutors with more than 10 years of experience preparing students for high SAT assessment scores. Our teachers provide an in-depth understanding of concepts and focus on individuals’ strengths and weaknesses. The course material and practice papers are of supreme quality and result-orientated. Our program will be worksheet-based, which a student will have to solve after each topic covered. We know SAT is all about achieving the Best score and we help you achieve it.


We help you achieve your targeted score by offering you a personalized study plan. The student has an option of virtual tutoring or attending classroom sessions. The topics are covered in detail followed by several practice tests. The tutors work on student’s time saving techniques, speed and accuracy enabling the student to build more confidence.

Study Skills

SAT Study skills require strict discipline and focus on the curriculum. It’s based on logical and reasoning skills. Hence there are no shortcuts, and you need to have an aptitude for this. Since most of you are students and already doing a lot, finding daily time becomes very important. A recommended 1 hour would be ideal to perform the effective study. The following pattern is advisable.

Spend a few days brushing up on your basic Maths and English grammar.

Take a Diagnostic test. This will help you evaluate your weak and strong points.

English – Choose a book or comprehension and read for at least 15 minutes every day. Think about the text critically, and try to analyze and understand the literal and inferred meaning. Ask yourself questions such as Why or What will happen next, what is it that the author wants to communicate. At the end of each chapter or passage learn new vocabulary and try forming new sentences using it. Practice a lot of comprehension to understand the genre of different kinds of writing.

Math– You will have 2 papers of which one is a calculator and the other a non-calculator based. Work on problem-solving skills, algebraic and verbal skills. Practice a lot of test papers.

Use the college board website to practice full-length SAT papers. This will help you to understand the exam and the pattern of questions.

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